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250k SEO visits

10% pages indexed get 10+ visits

Star Keyword: "couscous"

40% traffic brand


Hello Fresh is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States and also has operations in Canada, Western Europe (including Germany and the UK), New Zealand and Australia.

Founded: 2011

Google Trends

Google Trends for Hello Fresh

Backlink Profile Overview

40k backlinks from 1.4k domains.
81% of backlinks are from pages with little Page Authority.
50% of the backlinks are from German websites.
50% of the Backlinks are images (often with also text)
Only 3% of backlinks are nofollow

Backlinks with Page Authority of 30 and above (according to ahrefs)

Backlinks for advertisement

Hello Fresh with 50% of its backlinks being images actually uses its own system of affiliation using banners as backlinks.

Organic Traffic Analysis

Hello Fresh ranks for over 70k Keywords (including blog) for
200k monthly organic visits + 50k for blog (subdomain)

Main Keywords generating traffic:

Brand / search terms with brand

Around 80k (40%)

Broad terms

rezepte (3k)
gesunde rezepte(1k)

kochbox (900)


couscous (3k)
hackbraten (2.5k)
schweinefilet (1.3k)
thai curry (1k)
köttbullar (1k)
falscher hase (1k)
risotto (1k)
tortilla (900)
süßkartoffelsuppe (750)


pak choi (2.4k)
rote beete (1.3k)

Blog as subdomain

Porridge rezept (7.7k)
grünkohl zubereiten (5.5k)
gemüsebrühe selber machen (4.7k)
eierlikör selber machen (3k)
brötchen backen (2.5k)
müsliriegel selber machen (1.7k)
ingwer shot (1.5k)
nudeln selber machen (1.4k)
chai latte (1.3k)
also:kohlrabi, brot ohne mehl, tzatziki, all 1.1k

Growth Hacking Landing Pages and Traffic

From around 7k pages indexed, over 650 pages each get at least 10 visits per month.

SEO Berlin Case Studies

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