Modomoto (Berlin)

Published: March 20th 2019

Executive Summary

With only 2k non-brand organic visits and ranking for very few relevant keywords; this could be due to the fact that there is still too little awareness to this service. Modomoto currently relies a lot on brand terms and would to optimize keyword targeting and original content creation to get more SEO attention.

There is a also quite a lot of work to be done to improve domain authority on the web with more quality backlinks.

6k SEO visits

15 pages out of 237 get 10+ visits

only 4 backlinks with PA above 25, including 2 from acquired company

55% traffic brand-related


Modomoto is Germany's first and largest Curated Shopping Service for men.

Founded: 2011
Number of Employees : 501-1000
Acquisition(s) : Cloakroom (2016)

Google Trends (in Germany)

Backlink Profile Overview

18k backlinks from 710 domains.
87% of backlinks are from pages with little Page Authority.
26% of the backlinks are from German websites.

Backlinks with Page Authority of 25 and above (according to ahrefs)
* the link which points to "" is canonical to the homepage with the anchor text Jobs or "Banen" in Dutch.

Organic Traffic Analysis

Modomoto ranks for over 2.8k Keywords for
6k monthly organic visits.

Keyword targeting and Traffic

Main Keywords generating traffic:
Brand / search terms with brand: around 4k (65%)

curated shopping (200)
männer lassen shoppen (30)

Pages with traffic compared to number of pages indexed

From around 237 pages indexed, over 15 pages each get at least 10 visits per month.

Case Studies

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