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Tim Pohlmann Director Marketing Business Intelligence @ HelloFresh (Berlin)

Alex is a very reliable, experienced and passionate marketing professional. He offers a wide range of skills beyond Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He is also a Marketing generalist and can work on strategic and analytical questions. Also, he has great talent for project management and Agile ceremonies. Alex delivered great impact and a powerful contribution to my team.
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Hendrik Feige owner @ must-be (Leipzig)

Alex ist ein SEO Freelancer Experte, der auf Basis einer fundierten Analyse konkrete Maßnahmen vorschlägt und diese selbständig umsetzt. Vielen Dank für die transparente und professionelle Zusammenarbeit!
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Paul Fowler Online Marketing Manager @ Spiced Academy (Berlin)

Ich kann gern Alex als SEO Experte empfehlen. Gründlich und professionell. Danke, Alex!
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Richard Sfez CEO @ The Independent Photographer (Berlin)

Schneller, zuverlässiger und professioneller SEO-Berater. Ich würde ihn auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.
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Amandine Aman Marketing Director @ Holberton School, San Francisco

Es war großartig, mit Alex als SEO Freelancer zusammenzuarbeiten. Er hat mir dabei geholfen, ein solides Fundament für die zukünftige Arbeit zu schaffen.
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Christina Gaither Marketing Manager @ dBs (Berlin)

Sie stellten eine Fülle von Kenntnissen über die Branche zur Verfügung und passten ihren Ansatz für uns an.
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Elsa Jimenez CMO @ Absortech (Sweden)

Wir hatten eine sehr effektive und einfache Kommunikation zwischen den Teams.
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Thomas Rosa Da Silva Founder @ ImmobilienFoto (Berlin)

Sie verfügten über fundierte Kenntnisse und Know-how im Bereich SEO.
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Sebastian Lindig Founder @ Made for Rain (Berlin)

seoberlino’s feedback guided SEO strategy, leading to improved linking and keyword practices. seoberlino was communicative and accommodating. Despite some timing issues, seoberlino facilitated in-depth discussions about the report that provided added value.
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Mina Marmolejo Founder @ Emporium (UK)

Internal stakeholders are satisfied with the vendors' performance. seoberlino's method of managing tasks has been particularly impressive.

Agile Coach

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Sabine Veidemane

Team Lead CRM Analytics - Marketing Content Marketing @ HelloFresh

Alex joined our HelloFresh Marketing BI team in October 2019 as an Agile expert to completely revamp our messy processes around using Jira for workload planning and monitoring. Over the next few months he set our team up for future success as he switched us to new workflows, Jira boards and working in 2-week Sprints. He introduced Agile ceremonies, such as Sprint planning and Retrospectives, and concepts around Story Points for ticket estimation which brought it all to life and made us much more focused and structured! As a Team Lead within Marketing BI, I can say that it also allowed me to bring my stakeholder expectation management to a whole new higher level. It was a real pleasure to work with Alex and his down-to-earth and approachable can-do attitude!