SEO Consultant in Berlin

Alex Bieth, Owner @ SEO Berlino

E - [email protected]


SEO, Analytics, Business Expertise (MBA), Scrum Certified, Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads).
Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Castellano


React, Vue, Handlebars, Javascript, JQuery, Node, Express, HTML, CSS, SQL, Postgres


Owner @ SEO Berlino & SEO Consultant (since 2017)

Ricoh (DE & EN), Spartoo (DE), BSH (FR & UK), DBS (EN), KeepTool (DE), MSF (DE), Red Cross (DE), Absortech (DE & EN), Spiced Academy (EN), Talknow (DE) .....


  • Montblanc SEO Consultant Jun/19 > Mar/20
  • SEO Consultancy Global Projects (over 20 languages)

  • Holberton School Nov/18 > Dec/19
  • SEO Consultancy incl. Audit, Relaunch, Content Marketing Strategy
    Excl. Brand:

    • Clicks x10 YoY
    • Impressions x14 YoY

Scrum & Agile Coach

  • HelloFresh (Oct 2019 to June 2020)
  • Agile Coach - Marketing BI Team - part-time
    Agile Team Lead - Marketing Analytics - part-time

  • Spreadshirt (2013-2017)
  • Product Owner (2014-2017)
    Scrum Master @ Scrum Implementation (2013-2014)

Web Developement Training (Jun-Oct. 2018)

Coding Bootcamp @ Spiced Academy (Berlin)

Head of SEO @ Spreadshirt (2012-2017)

+400% increase in SEO orders (DACH, US, FR)

Scrum SEO Team (10 members)

SEO & SEA Country Manager @ Spreadshirt (2010-2011)

SEM orders +60% (2011 vs 2010)
+250% SEO orders (2012 vs 2011).

Get in touch

Alex Bieth
Owner @ SEO Berlino
SEO & Analytics Senior Consultant

E - [email protected]
Let's meet -Set up a 30 mn Call free of charge

Current and former clients

SEO for companies in Hamburg: Montblanc
SEO / Agile for companies in Berlin: dBs, Spiced, KeepTool, Holzeco, TalkNow, HelloFresh, Made for Rain, lalaluxe
SEO for companies in Leipzig: Must-be and Spreadhshirt
SEO for companies in Düsseldorf:Ricoh
Clients in München: BSH Digital Ventures
SEO for companies in USA: Holberton School
SEO for companies in EU & UK: Spartoo, IP, Absortech, Mind and Matter, etc
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Piero Milione International E-Commerce & Marketing Intelligence Manager @ Montblanc

Working with Alex has been smooth since Day 1. On top of being a great person, he is also a highly skilled SEO professional that understands the specific needs of the company. We have worked together on many different projects (meta tags optimisation, internal linking, site architecture, etc.) and his suggestions were always on point. All his feedback has been promptly implemented, leading to impressive increase in traffic quality (CTR, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate). Alex is very effective and results-driven and I can recommend him for all things SEO.
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Tim Pohlmann Director Marketing Business Intelligence @ HelloFresh (Berlin)

Alex is a very reliable, experienced and passionate marketing professional. He offers a wide range of skills beyond Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He is also a Marketing generalist and can work on strategic and analytical questions. Also, he has great talent for project management and Agile ceremonies. Alex delivered great impact and a powerful contribution to my team.
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Joy Corkery Head of Content Operations at Latana

Alex was a huge help in Latana improving its SEO performance. He has contributed in so many ways from technical SEO to keyword research and link building. It has been amazing watching our rankings and website performance improve during the time we worked together. Personally, I have learned so much about SEO that will stand to me in my role at Latana and beyond. Alex is also a wonderful person to work with. Friendly and kind, he had a great way of explaining concepts that the team here didn't initially understand. His skill and patience has taught us a lot. I can't recommend him enough.
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Amandine Aman Marketing Director @ Holberton School, San Francisco

The project produced excellent results in a well-managed, effectively run process. Their high-quality work and responsiveness ensured the project was a success. It's been great to work with Alex as an SEO Consultant, he helped me set some solid foundations for future work.
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Hendrik Feige owner @ must-be (Leipzig)

Alex is An SEO expert who proposes concrete measures based on a well-founded analysis and implements them independently. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my day-to-day business and at the same time keep my website up to date. Many thanks for the transparent and professional cooperation!
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Paul Fowler Online Marketing Manager @ Spiced Academy (Berlin)

Though the suggestions for improvement were only recently implemented, the work from SEO Berlino has inspired confidence in the site’s future performance. The team was insightful, quick, and easy to collaborate with, making them a strong partner. I couldn't recommend Alex more as an SEO consultant. Thorough, professional and easy to communicate with. Thank you, Alex!
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Richard Sfez CEO @ The Independent Photographer (Berlin)

Thanks to SEO Berlino’s efforts, site visit duration increased by 30 seconds, and the bounce rate decreased by 10%. The team provided valuable SEO insights and recommendations to improve organic traffic. A smooth workflow contributed to satisfactory results. Fast, reliable & professional SEO Consultant. Would definitely recommend. We have gained a lot of traffic since the implementation of his recommendations.
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Christina Gaither Marketing Manager @ dBs (Berlin)

The suggestions and analysis from the SEO Berlino team fulfilled expectations and helped the business make changes to the marketing efforts. As a partner, they were efficient, insightful, and easy to communicate with, making them a valuable asset to the project. They provided a wealth of knowledge on the industry and customised their approach for us.