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The content is the value you want to create. If you content has no value to the user, or if it is duplicate content, your content will not be brought forward. Check content quality, good usage of semantics, still using the most important keywords and variations in the right places, while keeping focus on relevancy for the user and not focus on SEO only.

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Sam Beattie
Marketing Lead at Catchbox

It was a pleasure to work with SEO Berlino. Alex & the team took the time to clearly understand our aims with the project and helped us with the difficult task of transferring our SEO strategy to a new language and market. Delivery was very prompt and we look forward to working with the team in the future!

What does content is king really mean

What does content is king really mean

The content is the value you want to create. If you content has no value to the user, or if it is duplicate content, your content will not be brought forward. Check content quality, good usage of semantics, still using the most important keywords and variations in the right places, while keeping focus on relevancy for the user and not focus on SEO only.

Content optimization is not keyword stuffing

Content is King, but far away are the times when Google got tricked with keyword stuffing. As Google bots constantly improve to assess your website's content, your site will be penalised in rankings if your content doesn't make much sense linguistically or for the user.

The effects of mobile first on content

Since mobile first indexation, the content on your mobile version is the master one for both mobile and desktop indexation. This means the content on the mobile version is the one which counts. Space on mobile is more limited than on desktop so choose your content carefully: engage your users, don't bore them with too much content, but enough to guide google bots.

Duplicate Content

A threat to making content king

Search Engines do not like duplicate content indexed. If you have many similar pages and you are not flagging them, these pages will not rank well and make your indexation of key pages tricky. Duplicate content can either be confusing for users (and indeed search engine algorithms); it can also be used to try to manipulate search rankings or win more traffic. As a result, search engines aren’t keen on it, and Google and Bing advise webmasters to fix any duplicate content issues they find.

Identification of duplicate content

A crawl of your site will help Identify duplicate. It is important then to decide on the master page, the page with most internal links or/and with the best UX.

Using canonicals

You can fix duplicate content issues by: Preventing your CMS publishing multiple versions of a page or post. Using the canonical link element to let search engines know where the ‘main’ version of your content resides. Canonicals are best used when you have very similar pages for instance same t-shirt in different colours. You don't want to index the same t-shirt for each colour, although you want to keep the urls for the user to browse through the options. Beware though that sometimes canonicals are ignored by Google so it is important to monitor the results of canonicals implementation and follow up with a new strategy if necessary.

Same language, different territory target

A possible cause for duplicate content is when targeting different territories (UK and US for instance) with different domains or urls but with a very similar content. Make sure then that you have well implemented hreflang!

Landing Pages

Often, companies create Landing pages and then expect it to perform as it is. There are actually many factors that will make a landing page work, from design & UX to SEO.

Customer journey

Users need to easily understand your website. They should be able to find what they want in a heartbeat. They should know where to click and how to navigate through your site. Check how the page fits within the website, does it make sense in the customer journey? A beautifully designed website is nice, but you should definitely make it your top priority to create a user-friendly website first.

External and internal linking

The importance of the page should be measured by two main parameters: how deep in the website it is (the more important the keyword the page is targeting, the fewer clicks it should be from your homepage), Secondly, the more important it is, the more internal and external links should be pointing to it compared to your less important pages.

Keyword targeting

The keywords you have selected for the page as the most important should be used for content and general onpage optimization. Make sure another page is not cannibalizing the traffic for the selected keywords(s) and organic traffic is not going to another page instead of the one you chose.

Technical SEO

Generic technical issues also apply such as page speed. It needs to load fast and of course be mobile friendly. Finally, the page should be available for indexation and crawlable.

Success Stories

SEO Content Success Story

In one year for this client, with a strong Content Growth Strategy, traffic was multiplied by 10, that is excluding Brand keywords.

success story

For this client, an audit showed that a new Keyword Targeting was needed, while better exposing important pages with more traffic potential, and improving technical settings and performance. Changes enabled the client to double its organic entries. Also it is important to note that brand terms traffic actually dropped during March to May compared to the previous period.

SEO Consultant current and former clients

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Piero Milione International E-Commerce & Marketing Intelligence Manager @ Montblanc

Working with Alex has been smooth since Day 1. On top of being a great person, he is also a highly skilled SEO professional that understands the specific needs of the company. We have worked together on many different projects (meta tags optimisation, internal linking, site architecture, etc.) and his suggestions were always on point. All his feedback has been promptly implemented, leading to impressive increase in traffic quality (CTR, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate). Alex is very effective and results-driven and I can recommend him for all things SEO.
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Tim Pohlmann Director Marketing Business Intelligence @ HelloFresh (Berlin)

Alex is a very reliable, experienced and passionate marketing professional. He offers a wide range of skills beyond Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He is also a Marketing generalist and can work on strategic and analytical questions. Also, he has great talent for project management and Agile ceremonies. Alex delivered great impact and a powerful contribution to my team.
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Joy Corkery Head of Content Operations at Latana

Alex was a huge help in Latana improving its SEO performance. He has contributed in so many ways from technical SEO to keyword research and link building. It has been amazing watching our rankings and website performance improve during the time we worked together. Personally,I have learned so much about SEO that will stand to me in my role at Latana and beyond. Alex is also a wonderful person to work with. Friendly and kind,he had a great way of explaining concepts that the team here didn't initially understand. His skill and patience has taught us a lot. I can't recommend him enough.
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Amandine Aman Marketing Director @ Holberton School,San Francisco

The project produced excellent results in a well-managed, effectively run process. Their high-quality work and responsiveness ensured the project was a success. It's been great to work with Alex as an SEO Consultant, he helped me set some solid foundations for future work.
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Hendrik Feige owner @ must-be (Leipzig)

Alex is a freelance SEO expert who proposes concrete measures based on a well-founded analysis and implements them independently. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my day-to-day business and at the same time keep my website up to date. Many thanks for the transparent and professional cooperation!
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Paul Fowler Online Marketing Manager @ Spiced Academy (Berlin)

Though the suggestions for improvement were only recently implemented, the work from SEO Berlino has inspired confidence in the site’s future performance. The team was insightful, quick, and easy to collaborate with, making them a strong partner. I couldn't recommend Alex more as an SEO consultant. Thorough, professional and easy to communicate with. Thank you, Alex!
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Richard Sfez CEO @ The Independent Photographer (Berlin)

Thanks to SEO Berlino’s efforts, site visit duration increased by 30 seconds, and the bounce rate decreased by 10%. The team provided valuable SEO insights and recommendations to improve organic traffic. A smooth workflow contributed to satisfactory results. Fast, reliable & professional SEO Consultant. Would definitely recommend. We have gained a lot of traffic since the implementation of his recommendations.
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Christina Gaither Marketing Manager @ dBs (Berlin)

The suggestions and analysis from the SEO Berlino team fulfilled expectations and helped the business make changes to the marketing efforts. As a partner, they were efficient, insightful, and easy to communicate with, making them a valuable asset to the project. They provided a wealth of knowledge on the industry and customised their approach for us.
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Thomas Rosa Da Silva Founder @ ImmobilienFoto (Berlin)

SEO Berlino was very effective and extremely professional. The site's ranking on Google improved, thanks to the work of the team at SEO Berlino. They had in-depth knowledge and expert know-how of SEO.

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