Linkbuilding: Getting it right

3Ts: Trust Traffic and onTopic Or EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust): Trusted sites with great content get traffic.

Personalised Strategies

  • Site & brand Maturity (basic links vs content marketing)
  • Industry
  • Company Business priorities
  • SEO priority (type of page, site section, etc)

Relationship with clients and prospects needs to stay personalised. Reasons more not to automate link building or scale it up to uncontrollable level.

Sending Positive Signals

One of the goals of back linking & link acquisition through content marketing is to send positive signals and interactions with the brand.

Brand mentions should often keep away from directly promoting the product /service whilst building brand awareness & trust by sharing content or data which are of interest for your target, with topics they care about, or trending news topics

Research to find prospects

  • Less is more: Limit targeting: find best matches for high CVR instead of aiming for more accepting low CVR
  • Focus on Content relevance & Site Quality
  • Target in priority influencers & Media outlets

Influencers to amplify reach

  • Influencers: bloggers, journalists, authors, podcasters, conferences organiser, researchers or editors.
  • They often use Twitter so it is important to get to understand Twitter and use this channel if you want to get in touch and better know them.
  • Influencer targeted: high DA (Domain Authority) sites, specific keywords terms, other sites in sector or niche

PR and SEO are one

  • Effective link building requires outreach, and that requires you to truly understand what motivates people
  • You have to introduce yourself, frame your pitch and demonstrate how you’ll make their job easier all in a couple of hundred words.
  • PR & Brand team from company are also important for SEO with press releases, company reputation, values etc

Alex Bieth, Owner @ SEO Berlino and SEO Consultant