Voice Search

Voice Search

What is Voice Search and why it's Important to be ready for it

Google Assistant, Alexa are just 2 of those devices which are transforming search. Instead of typing searches, users now more and more ask for their need vocally. Voice search is already disrupting online marketing. It already represents an important share of the number of searches. In order to be ready for it, every website needs to understand how it changes classical SEO.


The main difference with traditional search is that many voice search requests are questions, so they begin with where, how, what, etc.

Longer Search terms

The second main difference is that the keywords are longer, mostly because the requests are questions and because users are more descriptive when vocally expressing their needs, compared to typing.

Increasing Search Volume

Search Volume for such searches are still lower than the classical searches equivalent, but the volumes are continuously increasing and the keywords are more segmented, meaning there are more questions for the equivalent classical search term

Featured Snippets

One of the main advantage to be ready and optimized for voice search terms is that you can be featured at position 0 with the featured snippet, answering directly to the question of the search.

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