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Welcome to SEO Berlino! I'm Alex Bieth, experienced SEO Consultant in Berlin, Germany and owner of SEO Berlino.


SEO Audit & Strategy

Audits can vary in scope depending on the needs and maturity of the site. However, since a complete audit covers all aspects of SEO it helps to understand the status, to set objectives and then the strategy.
With experience, we have set a list of topics to cover during the audit. However it can vary depending on the site and client's requirements. Please get in touch for the details.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

If you are not targeting the right keywords, or missing out on the most important ones, you will struggle to get the best traffic for your site.
A Competitor analysis comprises of a backlink audit, on-page audit and keyword research. Analysing how competitors get most of their traffic also helps to establish content creation strategy.

On Page & Technical SEO

Onpage optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags.
For a Technical Audit, we will review, report and present an action plan for these topics: ​ Pagespeed, consequences of Google algorithms changes, crawl (robots, noindex/follow, noindex, etc), redirects, duplicate content & canonicals, indexation, URL Canonicalization, image optimization, site structure, internal linking etc.

Link Building

Quality backlinks are for Google votes of confidence from one website to another. The more (quality) backlinks you get, the more your website is seen as popular, and the best your website will be rated.
We offer consulting on backlinking strategy, and we offer also content creation as well as link building. Please get in touch for the details.


Whether for a site relaunch with a change of domain or switch to https, if the site structure is changed, some important steps need to be followed.
Get in touch with us for support. We will help you prepare before, during and after (for control) the process.


There are various options when operating internationally: same root domain, different top level domains, subdomains, how to link between them, how to simplify the process without negatively affecting your SEO.
Get in touch with us for support. We will help you advising you for the best solution including technical topics.


Reporting is key to measure success. Our monthly reports include ranking changes, backlinks gained or lost, and website performance. We will also update the backlog.

Efficient Spend

SEO is a continuous process. But this does not mean that it necessarily has to cost a lot. With a thorough audit you can already create a backlog and prioritize the tasks. The costs are thus limited to the most essential.

SEO Services

content SEO

Content Marketing

Content creation to boost your organic growth.

Keyword Research

Objective based on current performance and priority

Content Analysis best practices

Localised content creation

SEO Analytics


Google Analytics Set-up

Google Analytics Check

Google Analytics Optimization

Reports & Dashboard Creation

Adobe SiteCatalyst

SEO Check Audits

The SEO Check Audit follows the following format - although it can be adapted depending on the client's requirements and priorities: Executive Summary, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, On-page & Technical SEO, Backlink Profile Analysis. We also include a backlog (online Google sheet format) which takes all the items of Audit and classifies them by priority, with a short description, a column for the status which will change as the fixes is implemented and a comment section for communication.

SEO Check Audit

The audit comes in a PDF document and with a Backlog which summarises all issues found during the Audit, classified by priority.(in English or in German)

An explanation of each issue, Priority, Solution, Explanation and Expected results, Comments section for communication.


SEO Check

Executive Summary & Backlog

Content, Internal Linking, Alt tag and Image optimization, Metas, Voice Search, etc

Technical SEO

Indexation & PageSpeed Insights • SEO and Page Speed & Mobile Friendly & Crawlability

SEO Approach

business perspective Business perspective

In addition to my SEO knowledge, I offer profound insight into the business perspective. In order to be successful, an SEO strategy must take various factors into account. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience with large and complex international e-commerce companies so I can therefore deliver targeted and effective SEO solutions to my clients.

SEO Costs Efficient Spend

SEO is a continuous process. But this does not mean that it necessarily has to cost a lot. With a thorough audit you can already create a backlog and prioritize the tasks. The costs are thus limited to the most essential.

SEO timing Time expectations

It can take time for changes to take effect after the website has been improved. How much SEO work is needed also depends on the complexity of the website, how often it is updated and of course how well it is optimized. This also includes the quality and number of backlinks that point to the website

SEO Clients Client range

My clients are different from one another. I have worked not only with multinational companies (Montblanc, Spreadshirt, HelloFresh, Ricoh, etc.) but also with small businesses. For the clients who have less SEO knowledge, issues are carefully explained in simple English.

Success Stories

SEO Content Success Story

In one year for this client, with a strong Content Growth Strategy, traffic was multiplied by 10, that is excluding Brand keywords.

success story

For this client, an audit showed that a new Keyword Targeting was needed, while better exposing important pages with more traffic potential, and improving technical settings and performance. Changes enabled the client to double its organic entries. Also it is important to note that brand terms traffic actually dropped during March to May compared to the previous period.

SEO Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. Web analytics provides information about the number of visitors to a website and the number of page views.
Set-up & Views Creations (Master, All Data)
Filters & UTM, Custom Channels
Reports & Dashboards
Reliable data to make confident decisions.

In order to efficiently work in SEO, especially for on-page work, it is crucial to use reliable data, and analytics is key here in compiling reports which will enable for instance to identify the number of visits/unique visitors and conversions for specific pages and site sections, or compare data by device type or browser.

Google Analytics

Google offers a free version for an analytics tool: Google Analytics. Its set-up is quite straight-forward.

Google Analytics First steps

Activate the account by adding the snippet in the code (head section) for each page you want to track. Create Accounts / Views for each account: All Data, Test, Master Create Filters: exclude for instance all spam bots traffic and internal traffic. Create Reports and Dashboards. Correctly setup UTM for your marketing campaigns. Optimize continuously, analysing reports and acting accordingly (new reports, new filters, etc).

Google Search Console Integration

To get more valuable insight especially in terms of keywords, it is better to integrate Google Search Console to Google Analytics. GA itself does not show any keywords; they appear as not provided.

Relevant Tools and Resources

Content Marketing

The content is the value you want to create. If you content has no value to the user, or if it is duplicate content, your content will not be brought forward. Check content quality, good usage of semantics, still using the most important keywords and variations in the right places, while keeping focus on relevancy for the user and not focus on SEO only.

Analysis current traffic
Analysis existing content
Prioritization list content creation
Content Copywriting
Follow up with reports and analysis

Current and former clients

SEO for companies in Hamburg: Montblanc
SEO / Agile for companies in Berlin: dBs, Spiced, KeepTool, Holzeco, TalkNow, HelloFresh, Made for Rain, lalaluxe
SEO for companies in Leipzig: Must-be and Spreadhshirt
SEO for companies in Düsseldorf:Ricoh
Clients in München: BSH Digital Ventures
USA: Holberton
EU & UK: Spartoo, IP, Absortech, Mind and Matter, etc
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Tim Pohlmann Director Marketing Business Intelligence @ HelloFresh (Berlin)

Alex is a very reliable, experienced and passionate marketing professional. He offers a wide range of skills beyond Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He is also a Marketing generalist and can work on strategic and analytical questions. Also, he has great talent for project management and Agile ceremonies. Alex delivered great impact and a powerful contribution to my team.
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Hendrik Feige owner @ must-be (Leipzig)

Alex is a freelance SEO expert who proposes concrete measures based on a well-founded analysis and implements them independently. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my day-to-day business and at the same time keep my website up to date. Many thanks for the transparent and professional cooperation!
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Paul Fowler Online Marketing Manager @ Spiced Academy (Berlin)

Though the suggestions for improvement were only recently implemented, the work from SEO Berlino has inspired confidence in the site’s future performance. The team was insightful, quick, and easy to collaborate with, making them a strong partner. I couldn't recommend Alex more as an SEO consultant. Thorough, professional and easy to communicate with. Thank you, Alex!
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Richard Sfez CEO @ The Independent Photographer (Berlin)

Thanks to SEO Berlino’s efforts, site visit duration increased by 30 seconds, and the bounce rate decreased by 10%. The team provided valuable SEO insights and recommendations to improve organic traffic. A smooth workflow contributed to satisfactory results. Fast, reliable & professional SEO Consultant. Would definitely recommend. We have gained a lot of traffic since the implementation of his recommendations.
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Amandine Aman Marketing Director @ Holberton School, San Francisco

The project produced excellent results in a well-managed, effectively run process. Their high-quality work and responsiveness ensured the project was a success. It's been great to work with Alex as an SEO Consultant, he helped me set some solid foundations for future work.
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Christina Gaither Marketing Manager @ dBs (Berlin)

The suggestions and analysis from the SEO Berlino team fulfilled expectations and helped the business make changes to the marketing efforts. As a partner, they were efficient, insightful, and easy to communicate with, making them a valuable asset to the project. They provided a wealth of knowledge on the industry and customised their approach for us.
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Elsa Jimenez CMO @ Absortech (Sweden)

The engagement has led to a 3x increase in impressions and an increased click-through rate. SEO Berlino establishes an effective workflow through communication and collaboration. The team is knowledgeable about the latest SEO trends.
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Thomas Rosa Da Silva Founder @ ImmobilienFoto (Berlin)

SEO Berlino was very effective and extremely professional. The site's ranking on Google improved, thanks to the work of the team at SEO Berlino. They had in-depth knowledge and expert know-how of SEO.
Profile image
Sebastian Lindig Founder @ Made for Rain (Berlin)

SEO Berlino's feedback guided SEO strategy, leading to improved linking and keyword practices. seoberlino was communicative and accommodating. Despite some timing issues, SEO Berlino facilitated in-depth discussions about the report that provided added value.
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Mina Marmolejo Founder @ Emporium (UK)

Internal stakeholders are satisfied with the vendors' performance. SEO Berlino's method of managing tasks has been particularly impressive.

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