Mini case study: Juniqe (Berlin)

22 March 2019

Juniqe (Founded: 2014) is the lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, home accessories, stationery, and gifts.

Executive Summary

Number of Backlinks when excluding company top level domains is quite low considering the size and notoriety of the company.

There is lot of room for improvements for indexation, a very high proportion of the pages currently indexed do not get any organic traffic.

120k SEO visits

12% traffic brand-related

Most backlinks are from Juniqe's other top level domains

775 pages out of 190k get 10+ visits

Juniqe 38k Search Volume & Brand confusion, many searching for "Junique" (28k Search Volume)

Star Keyword: Bilder

Google Trends (in Germany)

In blue brand search over the years. In red the brand name misspelt.

Google Trends

Backlink Profile Overview

  • 1.37m backlinks from 871 domains but
  • 6k only excluluding other tlds and
  • 4k when also excluding links from (DA of 3)
  • 18% of backlinks are from pages with little Page Authority.

Non brand related Backlinks with Page Authority of 25 and above (according to ahrefs)

Organic Traffic Analysis

  • Juniqe ranks for over 65k Keywords for 119k monthly organic visits.

Keyword targeting and Traffic

Main Keywords generating traffic:

  • Brand / search terms with brand: around 15k (12%)
  • bilder (3.5k)
  • black friday (3k)
  • poster (3k)
  • bilder auf leinwand (2k)
  • duschvorhang (1.8k)
  • kissen (1.3k)
  • geschenke (1.2k)
  • wandbilder (1.1k)
  • leinwandbilder (1.1k)
  • poster kaufen (1k)

Pages with traffic compared to number of pages indexed

From around 190k pages indexed, over 775 pages each get at least 10 visits per month.

Alex Bieth, Owner @ SEO Berlino and SEO Consultant