Mini case study: Wooga (Berlin)

26 March 2019
Wooga Founded: 2009 is a mobile-first game developer in Berlin, Germany. The company develops free-to-play mobile and social games for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and social networks like Facebook.

Executive Summary

In a very competitive industry, Wooga currently relies on brand and game names for organic traffic.

Its brand name gets more visits in Germany than in the US but its games are bringing way more organic visits in the US.

Only 10 pages are getting 10 or more visits per month.

24k SEO visits

11 pages get 10+ visits

Blog as sub-domain bringing 500 SEO monthly visits

Most traffic brand and game name related

Google Trends (in Germany)

Google Trends Wooga

Backlink Profile Overview

  • 21k backlinks from 1.8K domains.
  • 68% of backlinks are from pages with little Page Authority.
  • 12% of the backlinks are from German websites.

Backlinks with Page Authority of 35 and above (according to ahrefs)

Organic Traffic Analysis

  • Wooga ranks for over 5k Keywords for 23k monthly organic visits.

Keyword targeting and Traffic

Main Keywords generating traffic:

Huge majority of keywords are either brand or games

  • Germany
  • wooga (1.6k)
  • bubble island(200)
  • pearl's peril (50)
  • june's journey (50)
  • US
  • pearl's peril (5k)
  • june's journey (1.5k)
  • wooga (1k)
  • diamond dash (350)

Pages with traffic compared to number of pages indexed

From around 500 pages indexed (excluding Blog), 11 pages each get at least 10 visits per month.

Alex Bieth, Owner @ SEO Berlino and SEO Consultant